Because of His crown, we can have ours.

“Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.”

James 1:12


A mother's love

William Parker and Madelyn Paige,

I will gather you in my arms and wrap you in warmth and love, just like Mary held her infant Jesus.  

For a time, God gave me your hands to hold, your tears to dry, your cheeks to kiss- God made you my child.  

Even better, God adopts you as His own in Baptism.  He forgives your sins.  Now you are a child of God.

I will teach you to sing like angels about glad tidings for a Savior born among us, and I'll tell you about His redeeming death and an Easter resurrection.  I PROMISE.  

I will give you the things you need: a warm coat for snowy days, a soft bed for quiet nights, and your fuzzy blankey too.  

I will scrub-a-dub you with bubbles and let you play in the bath until your fingertips are raisins.  

I will hold your hand when we cross the street, and help you learn that obeying your parents keeps you safe.

But I'll also let you learn to climb trees, although you might fall.  I'll be ready with hugs and Band-Aids.  

I will take time to listen- from your first words to your curious questions.  And I'll do my best to answer why cats and whiskers and where the wind comes from.

I'll read you stories about foxes and crows, dogs and their bones.  We'll read about quests and kings, children and a wardrobe.  And I'll keep reading to you even after you read on your own.

We'll also read about how God split a sea in two, saved a man from lions, and made the blind see.  In story after story, we'll learn about how God always keeps His promises.  Every one.  

I'll help you learn to help yourself: to brush your own teeth, to tie your own shoes, and to read your own books.  I PROMISE.  

I will give you all the foods that make you grow- chicken and carrots, cantaloupe and tomatoes from the farmers market.  And we'll also make your favorite cookies often- peanut butter chocolate chip.  

Together, we will give thanks for our food and all of God's gifts- even on tuna casserole night.  

I will help you study your spelling words and multiplication tables.  

I'll also teach you that wisdom begins with God's grace and knowing Jesus, our Savior.  

I will reassure you that you are never alone- even when the shadows lurk in the corners or your bedroom.  

We will pray  together and remember that God's angels guard us all through the night.  I PROMISE.  

I will cheer you on from the sidelines, even when the game isn't going well.  W'll talk about trying even when it's hard, being a friend to players who struggle, and showing grace in wins and losses.  

Just like you, I'm still learning to listen better, to pray even when I', tired, to be more patient.  Only God is perfect so we'll ask for forgiveness together.  

From your first steps to your first home run, from your first day of school to your graduation, and from your first breath to your last, your heavenly Father will care for you.

And I will love you all along the way.  

I promise.  


**I wish I could take credit for these beautiful words, but they are from the brilliant author, Julie Steigemeyer.  Julie is the author of "Mommy Promises"- one of my favorite books to read to my babies.  

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